Are you tired of staring at this?

You've been there. The blinking cursor on the blank page. Waiting. You have an idea of what you want to write, but you aren't sure how to start.

That cursor is taunting you.

And the more you look at it, the more irritable you get because you haven't typed anything. But you can't just write anything.

You need to know what you're trying to say

Your message needs to be clear. We can get carried away at times, and blurt out everything we do. Without clarity, though, it ends up a jumbled mess, and your readers lose focus.

Lost readers means lost customers.

And, those readers won't become customers if you don't know …

Who you're saying it to

Who are you saying it to? Do you know? Are you mixing messages in the hope it appeals to everyone? I can help you find your target audience. Because, they are crucial to your success. In everything you do.

Which leads to …

How to say it

Sometimes industry jargon can enter our vocabulary without us realising. And that's because we know our industries. But you don't want to confuse your reader with unfamiliar terms. That's not the way to get your message across.

And that’s how copywriting can help you. As your copywriter, I'll listen for your key message. I'll learn what you do, the way you do it and why you do it. I'll start writing, and revise with you. Then, it will be man versus word, removing the unnecessary to ensure your copy has clarity and purpose.

The result? Copy that turns readers into customers.

So get started! Say goodbye to blank pages and choose the best time below for a free 30-minute chat.