A little about me

25 years. It’s the age difference between my eldest child and my youngest child.

And it’s also how long I’ve been telling stories.

You see, at bedtime, my children wanted me to make up a bedtime story. They didn’t want stories from books.

I’d make them up as I told them, not knowing where they’d go until the words came out of my mouth.

And they did the job they were designed for - to get children to sleep. I’d start big, to get their attention and slowly change my tone of voice and they’d drift off to sleep. 

Your tone of voice speaks volumes about your brand. It will turn readers into loyal followers so it’s important to get it right (and not put them to sleep). Combine a story and your voice and you'll lead your readers where you want them to go. And that's pretty darn powerful.

Come on, let's take your readers on a journey.